Lesson Plans Thursday, September 6, 2012

Front Kick – forward and rear leg
Round Kick
Combo: Front Kick/Round Kick same leg
Combo: Front Kick/Round Kick alternate legs
Knees – practice forward knee with a switch
Choke from the Side — apply that “knee switch” to this technique

Straight Punch
Hammerfist Forward
Drill: begin standing up, throwing straight punches and hammerfist punches, then drop to knees and continue striking, then lie on your back and continue striking; then return to your knees, and then stand up. The striking should be CONTINUOS. Switch with your partner. Do 2 rounds. This is very tiring!
Guard Drill – maintain good posture while in the attacker’s guard
Guard Escape – gouge, posture up, striking groin
Guard – Arm Bar
Guard Drill: bottom person works for arm bar, top person works guard escape

Focus Mitts – including pad holder striking to encourage good defense
Bearhug Behind Arms Free (review)
Full Nelson Sweep
Drill: Bearhug Behind, Arms Free or Full Nelson Sweep (if you don’t have good mats, just “show” the sweep, do not actually take your partner down

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