Lesson Plans Thursday, October 8, 2012

Advancing Straight Punch (this might be review)
Inside Defense (this might be review)
Straight Punch Low
Defense v. Straight Punch Low
Drill: defend Right Straight Punch high or low
Drill: defend Left Straight Punch high or low
Drill: defend either

Front Kick – emphasize high kick
Round Kick – emphasize high kick
Defense v. High Front Kick
Defense v. High Round Kick
Drill – defend either High Front Kick or High Round Kick; try from a passive stance
Bearhug Front, Arms Caught
Drill: defender’s eyes are closed until verbal signal; defend high kick or bearhug

Focus Mitts — 3 rounds, all combinations — pad holder sometimes shoot in for takedown OR hit with focus mitts
Double Leg Takedown – emphasize that you do NOT have to lift attacker off the ground, just drive through them
Gun Front
Drill: eyes closed, either Gun Front or Takedown, defender must sprawl

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