Lesson Plans Thursday, May 31, 2012

BEGINNER CLASS (A2) – Review and Drills Day!
Straight Punches
Drill: Flurries of punches on command
Front Kick (quick review)
Round Kick
Drill: Horseshoe Drill
Choke From the Front with a Push (should be review)
Choke From Behind with a Push (should be review)
Choke Front (1 hand pluck)
Drill: eyes closed; any choke, or hold the pad for front kick, round kick, or straight punches

Focus Mitts: 3 rounds x 2 minutes each
Ground – Kick off from Guard
Ground – Guard Reversal
Ground – Arm Bar
Bearhug from Behind
Drill: start on ground with attacker in guard; improve position using any ground technique; get up and strike pad; defend bearhug; pad holder says “down” and the drill restarts.

Handgun Front Review
Knife Downward Review
Knife Upward Review
Long Gun Review
Drill: eyes closed, any of these weapons!!

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