Lesson Plans Thursday, May 17, 2012

Palm Strikes
Palm Strikes from Passive Stance into Fighting Stance
Choke Front (1 hand)
Ground Side Position
Ground Movement
Get Up from Ground from Side Position – both sides
Drill: Kick and Get Up, then either punch pad or defend choke

Hook Punch – work different ranges of hook, from very close, to farther away (almost straight punch range)
Ground – review getting up
Ground – foot grab, strip
Ground – foot grab, spin inward
Ground – foot grab, spin outward
Barricade Drill: defender starts on the ground with eyes closed; foot is grabbed, and he must make the appropriate defense and get up; then he must go through a barricade of people with pads; after he gets through, he should make a hook combination to focus mitts.

Overhand Right Punch
Combo: Right/Left Uppercut/Overhand Right
Gun from Behind – work both directions
Gun Behind, Attacker is Close (hugging technique)

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