Lesson Plans Thursday, March 7, 2013

Straight Punches
Left/Right Combo
Drill: partner calls out even number of punches; striker makes that many punches, starting with jab; during the drill, most numbers will be 2-4-6, but the pad holder should call out a number higher than 10 at least twice.
Elbow #1
Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow
Front Kick (groin) – include counter variations
Drill: slow motion; attacker chokes; the defender defends and makes counterattacks slowly; the attacker covers up so that the defender must constantly find new openings.

Front Kick with Advance
Drill: pad holder moves around and offers a target for straight punches or front kick with advance
Defense v. Low Round (absorbing)
Drill: attacker holds focus mitts and gives basic combinations; sometimes, the attacker makes a low round kick, and the defender must absorb. MORE ADVANCED — the defender must absorb and give a simultaneous right cross
Bearhug Behind Arms Free
Bearhug Behind Arms Free (leverage finger)


One Arm Shoulder Throw
Drill: defend 360 attacks, make the One Arm Shoulder Throw whenever possible
Spinning Heel Kick
Sliding Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick
Stopping Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

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