Lesson Plans Thursday, February 21, 2013

Palm Strikes
Drill: Drive partner across the room using palm strikes; alternate, but do 2 rounds each
Front Kick Vertical Target
Round Kick
Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target/Round Kick (same leg) – practice both legs
Drill: pad holder moves around, then stops and gives command “Left!” or “Right!”; defender gives front kick/round kick combo with that leg
Choke Front Push
Choke Behind PUsh
NOTE: if you have done both these in recent classes, make it a review, then do the following Drill:
Drill: defender’s eyes closed; attacker makes a choke with a push front or back; the defender feels the attack and just makes the defense (no counters yet). This is a drill to practice reaction and awareness. After this drill, add counterattacks.

Hook Punch — vary the distance; practice short range, medium range, and long range hooks with both hands
Drill: First Strike – practice taking a modified fighting stance against a threatening person; if you can get the pad holder to be verbal and take on the role of a bully, that is even better; the defender should warn the attacker not to come closer; when the attacker steps closer (within arm’s reach) the defender makes a solid right hook.
Ground – side control
Ground – arm lock from side control
Ground – disengage from side control (knee to belly)

Thai Pads with Sprawls – 4 rounds of 2 minutes
Knife – Straight Stab
Knife – Straight Stab Live Side

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