Lesson Plans Thursday, February 16, 2012

Front Kick to a Vertical Target
Ground: Back Position
Ground: Getting Up
Advanced Technique: Knife Downward Stab
Drill: defender starts on the ground; on the attacker’s signal, the attacker gets up, and either kicks to stop attacker, or defends against knife attack

Focus mitts: two rounds x 2 minutes
Bob & Weave v. hooks
Slip v. straight punch
Focus mitts: Left/Right/slip/Right cross
Focus mitts: Left/Right/Left Hook/bob&weave/Left Hook
360 w/Counter
Inside Def. v. Left Punch (live side)
Drill: defend any 360 or left straight punch (with Inside Def. v. Left Straight Punch)

Mouth of Hand Punch
Sprawl v. Shoot — include Mouth of Hand Punch in counterattacks
Knife: Defense v. Downward Stab
Drill: defend either shoot or downward stab

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