Lesson Plans Thursday, August 30, 2012

Left/Right Combo
Elbow #1
Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow
Drill: “spinning” hammerfist — have the attacker push the defender on one side; the defender should spin and give the other hammerfist
Choke from Behind
Drill — outside, punching pads; choke from behind OR pushed on one side, give hammerfist with a spin

Straight Punch with Advance
Inside Def. with Counter v. Right Punch (2 counters)
Inside Def. with Counter v. Right Punch (1 counter)
Inside Def. with Counter v. Left Punch
Defense v. High Round Kick (fighting stance; 2 and 3 points of contact)
Defend either straight punch or high round kick

2 Front Kicks with a Switch
Axe Kick
Spinning Back Kick
Defend Spinning Back Kick like Side Kick
Jumping Spinning Back Kick!

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