Lesson Plans Thursday, August 22, 2012

Left/Right Combination
Front Kick Vertical Target
Combo: Left/Right/Right Front Kick Vertical Target
Headlock Behind
Headlock Behind Variations — defend against a deeper, carotid headlock (but not “rear naked choke”); if failure, try a groin strike and then return to the defense
Headlock Behind Variations — being dragged back (slowly, gently for beginners)

Reflexive Defense v. High Round Kick
Drill: High Round Kick or Straight Punch: defend and counter appropriately
Arm Bar From Guard — work opposite side of usual training
Guard Reversal — opposite side from usual training
Flow Drill: Guard Reversal; bottom person makes Elbow Escape to Guard; repeat; switch after 4 or 5 rounds

Thai Pads: 4 rounds of 2 minutes, 3 second rest
Knife – Kick from Distance
Knife – Upward Stab
Drill: reaction to distance, either kick or hand defense v. upward stab

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