Lesson Plans Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stance & Movement
Drill: Shadow Box punch, step and pivot to a new angle
Straight Punches plus sprawl on instructor’s command
Ground – Back Position & Movement
Ground – Front Kick
Ground – Get Up
Drill: start on ground, move, kick, get up, punch, sprawl, punch; then reset to back position and restart

Thai Pads – 3 rounds of 2 minutes each; all round kicks and knees are x2
Forward Roll
Headlock from the Side
Headlock from the Side, Spinning Inward (this is a Level 5 technque; do it if you know it)

Sparring – no gear, light, slow motion trainig
Gun from the Side Behind the Arm
Gun from Behind (touching)
Gun from the Side (behind the arm) or Behind, Assailant Using Off hand
Gun Behind, Hugging Technique

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