Lesson Plans Monday, May 7, 2012

Left/Right Combination
Drill: partner calls out 2, 4, 6 punches (always even number)…sometimes calling out a number 10 or higher; the drill should promote good hip turn in straight punches
Headlock from Behind
Ground – Side Position
Ground – Side Movement
Ground – Side Kick
Ground – Get Up
Drill: groups of 3 people; move, kick, get up, punching, headlock from behind, drop back down

Focus Mitts – Left/Right/Right/Left Hook
Bearhug from the Front, Arms Caught
Foot Grabs – stripping
Foot Grabs – spinning outward; include kicking after technique
Foot Grabs – spinning inward; include kicking after technique
Drill: defend foot grab, kick and get up, attacker makes bearhug

Ground and Pound — striking the target
Ground and Pound — move from full mount to side control and back, while striking
Ground and Pound — strike, sprint, strike
Leg Triangle
Defense v. Leg Triangle
Drill – start almost in leg triangle, one person defends, other tries to complete the leg triangle; this flows into ground sparring; 1 minute time limit, then reset

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