Lesson Plans Monday, May 21, 2012

Straight Punch
Straight Punch with Advance
Inside Defenses
Choke from Behind with a Push – practice both directions
Drill: Choke from Behind with a Push with small changes in angle, defend on the appropriate side
Drill: groups of 3; one person makes Straight Punch with Advance; second person makes Inside Defense; third person attacks the puncher with Choke from Behind with a Push at a slight angle, either side.

Uppercut Punch
Focus Mitt combo: Right Uppercut/Right Straight
Focus Mitt combo: Left Uppercut/Left Hook
Ground: Guard Reversal
Ground: Shrimping out of Side Control
Drill: defender starts on the bottom, attacker in side control; defender must get to top position

2 Front Kicks with a Switch
Gun from Behind
Gun from the Side Behind the Arm
Drill: eyes closed, work both sides, various angles of gun from behind

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