Lesson Plans Monday, March25, 2013


Stance – try opposite stance
Right/Left Combo (opposite stance)
Elbow #3 — use rear arm from both stances
Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow, then Right/Left/Left Elbow
Gun from Behind — if possible, try making the technique looking over your right shoulder

Back Kick
Defensive Back Kick with a Spin
Inside Defense (review)
Outside Defenses 1-5
Drill: eyes closed; verbal signal, straight punch comes from various angles; defend and counter
Defense v. Front Kick to Groin (redirecting)
Sparring 2 v. 1: slow fighting 1 v. 1; at any time, the second attacker steps forward with a straight punch; the defender must use an Outside Defense, then continue fighting the new attacker; the original attacker now waits.

Knife Overhead v. Left Handed Attacker
Stick Overhead v. Left Handed Attacker
2 v 1 Knife and Stick v. Left or Right Handed attackers; include drills while lying on the ground, from knees, etc.

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