Lesson Plans Monday July 2nd

Hammerfist forward/down
Elbows 4-7
Choke from the side
Drill: Barricade drill – eyes closed, attacker makes choke from the side. Defender defends, goes through the barricade to make hammerfists to pad holder till pad holder calls time.

Inside defense with counter v. Left punch
Inside defense with counter v. right (2 counters)
Inside defense with counter v. Right (1 counter)
Choke from behind with a pull
Drill: 3 person drill – 1 person defends against punches with an inside defense & counter. 3rd person does choke from behind with a pull to the person punching. Then reset.

Fancy kicks
2 Back kicks with a switch
scissor front kick
scissor round kicks
Knife defense v. downward stab
gun – under the chin, in mouth, grabbing hair
Drill: defender eyes closed, attacker either makes gun or knife attack

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