Lesson Plans Monday, February 13, 2012

Shadow Box with Left/Right/Right Elbow
Left/Right/Right Elbow to Pad
Drill: light striking on the pad with straight punches; on the pad holder’s command (“go!”) burst in with Left/Right/Right Elbow aggressively, then move back out and continue with light strikes.
Elbow #2 to pad (be aware that the student might not feel much power)
Combination: Elbow #2 transition to knees (discuss the need to switch your feet)
Choke from the Front
Drill: eyes closed, either pushed with Choke from the Front or hit with pad and make Left/Right/Right Elbow combination

Thai Pads (tombstone pad is OK): any single strike for the first round; double up that strike for the second round; triple the strike for the third round.
Round Kicks — emphasize high round kick
Front Kick Vert. Target — emphasize high front kick
Def. v. High Round Kick (reflexive)
Def. v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points of contact)
Def. v. High Front Kick
Drill: vision drill, recognize high front or round kick

Self Defense review
Sweep with heel kick
Sweep with forward kick
Drill: eyes closed, any self defense, work sweeps into counterattacks
Gun front or behind, touching or from distance

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