Lesson Plans Monday Dec 10th


Fight stance and movement review

punches – L/R combo

Front kick to groin

Choke from the front (2 handed)

Drill:  Dark alley drill – Have everyone in class close their eyes, tap random people on the shoulder.  They become attackers (choke from the front).  Everyone opens their eyes and starts to walk around the room,  attackers make an attack,  then reset and pick new attackers.



Hook punch –> work low and high hook punches (body and head)

defense vs. front kick (redirect)

(shin block)

Drill: attacker holds focus mitts, calls for 1-4 combos.  At any point they can also make a front kick to the groin. After every front kick defense, defender follows up with a hook punch.



Fancy kick practice:

2 front kicks with a switch

2 back kicks with a switch

2 straight knees with a switch


Baseball bat defense

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