Lesson Plans Monday, August 6, 2012

Straight Punch
Front Kick Vertical Target
Drill: eyes closed; open and recognize distance — give a Straight Punch or a Front Kick Vertical Target
360 Defense
Ground – Back Position
Ground – Get Up
Drill: starting on the ground, get up and recognize either a target for Straight Punch, target for Front Kick Vertical Target, or defend a 360.

Warm Up Combatives
Round Kick (review) — work on higher round kicks
Reflexive Def. v. High Round Kick
Inside Defense (review) – practice from passive stance
Inside Defenses with Counterattacks
Drill: from passive stance, defend high round kick or straight punch; add counters

Striking on the Ground from Full Mount
Ground – Full Mount, Hands Pinned (snow angel)
Ground – Full Mount, Hand Pinned Together
Knife – upward stab
Drill: groups of 3; defend Full Mount, Hands Pinned, get up, and defend knife

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