Lesson Plans March 3, 2012

Straight Punches
Hammerfist to the Front
Drill: flurries of punches using straight punches and hammerfist
Straight Punch Low
Inside Def. v. Straight Punch Low
Review Inside Defense
Drill: defend high or low straight punch; first left hand only, then right hand only, then mix it up

After warm up, general punching to prepare hands
Tabata Punches, 4 rounds (Tabata = 20 seconds on, 10 second rest)
Review Advancing Front Kick from Level 1
Review Choke from Behind from Level 1
Choke from Behind with a Pull
Drill: eyes closed; punch to the front or Choke from Behind with a Pull

Thai pads: 3 minute drill – one minute left right combination, one minute right round kicks, one minute left round kicks
Stick – review defense v. downward swing
Stick – review baseball bat
Stick – defend either downward or baseball bat
Bayonet stab — live side (like long gun defense)

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