Lesson Plans June 1, 2012

Shadow Boxing
Tabata Shadow Boxing (20 seconds on, 10 second rest) 4 rounds
Left/Right Combination
Basic Takedown Defense – moving feet and changing levels
Drill: Left/Right Combination, pad holder charges in; defender makes Basic Takedown Defense
Drill: groups of 3; punch the pad, defend 360 from either side

Focus Mitts (general punching to warm up)
Uppercut Punch
Focus Mitt Combo: Right Uppercut/Right Hook
Focus Mitt Combo: Left Uppercut/Left Hook
Hair Grab from the Side
Advanced Technique: Gun to the Side in Front of the Arm
Drill: eyes closed, hair grab or gun threat from side

Thai Pad combinations from opposite stance: 2 minutes x 2 rounds
Side Kick review
Jumping Side Kick
Jumping Round Kick
Gun from the Side in Front of the Arm

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