Lesson Plans Friday, October 5, 2012

Front Kick Vertical Target
Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target/Knee (same leg)
360 Defense
Drill: 360 Gauntlet — students stand in two lines; the defender walks down the middle, and can be attacked with a 360 attack by any student. There is no limit to the number of students who can attack, but they MUST stay in line, and they CANNOT attack once the defender moves past them.
Choke From Behind
Drill: 360 Gauntlet with Choke — the same drill as above, but once the defender moves past, an attacker may choke them from behind. (Only allow 1 or 2 attackers to make the choke.)

Straight Punches and Elbows (review)
Front Kick Vertical Target (review)
Drill: A/B Drill — groups of 3; one pad holder at each end of the room (at least one should hold a kicking shield), the third person in the middle. When the instructor yells “A” the striker runs to one pad for Punches and Elbows; when the instructor yells “B” the striker runs to the other pad for Front Kick Vertical Target. Make them go back and forth until exhausted! One round each person.
Ground: Headlock Side Forward
Ground: Headlock Side Backward

Thai Pad Combo: Left/Right/Left Hook/Left Hook/Right Round Kick (build this combination slowly)
Headlock from the Side (review)
Headlock from the Side, Spinning Inward
Headlock from the Side, Neck Break

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