Lesson Plans Friday October 26th

Straight punch
Defensive front kick
Drill: defender eyes closed, pad holder moves in and out and says hey, defender opens eyes and makes appropriate strike depending on distance.
Ground position and movement
Front kick on the ground
getting up from the ground
Drill:  Defender starts on the ground, pad holder moves around defender, moves in for a kick.  Defender kicks, gets up and starts to attack the pad till holder calls time. 
Inside defense with counters
bearhug from front (arms caught)
                                     (arms free with space)
                                      (arms free without space)
Drill:   Attacker – makes straight punches at the defender (defender defends with inside defense and counter when possible) At any point the attacker can come in and make a bearhug attack.
gun from the side – behind the arm
                                 – front of arm

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