Lesson Plans Friday November 2

Advancing straight punch
Inside defense
Choke from the behind with a push
Drill: groups of three – One person defends advancing straight punches with inside defense, One person is throwing the advancing straight punches, third person makes choke from behind with a push to the person THROWING the advancing punches.

Inside defense v. Left/Right
Inside defense v. Left/Right (lean back and trap)
Inside defense v. Left/Right (one hand)
Drill: slow sparring, starting with one attacker throwing just inside defense, defender uses one of the three ways to defend. 2nd round, throw inside defenses back and forth (1 for 1). 3rd round, include regular single straight punces, (can hooks and upper cuts if students are ready for it).

Drill: any self defense, add chops as a combative
Sweep with forward kick
sweep with heel kick
Drill: Any self defense from include chops and sweeps as combatives

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