Lesson Plans Friday June 29th

Review advancing punches
Inside defense – practice one side then the other, then mix up R and L
Straight punch low
inside defense against straight punch low – practice one side then the other, then mix up R and L
Drill: One attacks, one defends. Partner can throw right or left punches, high or low. Defender practices their inside defenses high/low

Thai pad work 2 rounds – hands (last 30 sec non-stop R/L), hands and feet (last 30 sec make a combo sprint and back)
side impending knee
Drill: Divide into groups of 3. One person holding the pad, defender makes punches until the 3rd person attacks with one of the hairgrabs. Defender defends and goes back to punching.

Work fancy kicks:
Jumping front kick
Jumping side kick
Jumping round kick
Headlock from the side, spinning inward
Drill: make combatives to pad including fancy kicks, until attacker comes to make headlock from the side.

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