Lesson Plans Friday, July 13, 2012

Straight Punch – emphasize starting from passive stance, or other unprepared positions
Hammerfist Down
Knees — practice knees without grabbing
Choke from Behind with a Push

Focus Mitts — Left/Right/Liver Shot/Left Hook/Right Cross (build combination slowly)
360 with Counterattacks
Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick
Drill: eyes closed, attacker gives a verbal signal and then makes either 360 or front kick to the groin; defend must make Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick OR 360 with Counterattacks

Shuttle Run (start at one end of the room, sprint to first line and back, second line and back, third line and back, etc.) x 5; 1 minute rest between runs, but must do 15 push ups during rest
Gun Front
Gun Behind
Machine Gun Takedown, gunman standing behind the defender

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