Lesson Plans Friday, January 4, 2013

Movement – forward, back,left, right
Movement – step left, pivot to face right
Straight Punches
Elbows 1-3
Choke Side
Drill: eyes closed; choke from either side OR push with pad, open eyes, make straight punches

Uppercut Punch
Combination: Left Uppercut/Right Straight Punch
Combination: Right Uppercut/Left Hook
Review Straight Punches and Front Kick to the Groin
Forward Roll (more advanced students, roll opposite side; VERY advanced students, put a stack of two pads in front of them; they must roll over the pads without touching them — THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE VERY COMFORTABLE WITH FORWARD ROLL)
Drill: pushed from behind, forward roll (turn to face threat)

High Front Kick
High Round Kick
Axe Kick
Choke from the Side on the Ground – make arm bar — this technique applies axe kick in a practical way.
Side Kick
Jumping Side Kick

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