Lesson Plans Friday, February 10

Palm Strikes
Drill: groups of 3, palm strikes to target, third person gives verbal signal and bursts forward with 360; defender must defend, then return to the pad (note: it is simplest if the attacker uses his outside arm only, i.e., if he is on the defender’s left side, he should use his right arm only to attack; this is not mandatory, but it makes things clearer to the defender)
Knees (this should be review)
Headlock Behind (note! we are experimenting with moving Headlock from Behind to Level 1)
Drill: Non Compliant Attacker — the attacker makes Headlock, and the defender defends. Once the defender begins to give knees, the attacker breaks off and comes back with a 360 attack. Defender must defend, then continue with combatives. Be sure to regulate speed and intensity.

Focus Mitts: Left/Right Combo
Drill: Focus Mitts with Disturbing — pad holder strikes partner continuously while partner covers and absorbs; when pad holder slaps mitts together, the partner makes left/right combination, then the pad holder goes back to striking. This drill should be very fast and aggressive.
Bobbing & Weaving
Inside Defense with Counter v. Left Punch
Inside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch (2 counters)
Inside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch (1 counter)
Drill: Defend left or right punch (slow), then faster

Thai Pads – basic combinations
Drill: groups of 3, two with thai pads; striker must make combinations while moving to keep second pad holder “lined up” so the striker deals with only one at a time; now and then, the second pad holder jumps in and becomes the first pad holder; BLACK BELTS do this from an opposite fighting stance.
Gun from the Front, Assailant pushing (use outside defense)
Gun from the Front,Assailant slapping, kicking, yelling, etc.

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