Lesson Plans February 23, 2012

Straight Punches
Drill: Find Your Partner (using straight punches)
Choke from the Front (2 handed pluck; should be review)
Knife – downward stab — defense and counter only
Drill: eyes closed, choke or knife or push with pad and react with straight punches

Focus Mitts – 3 rounds x 3 minutes
Basic Takedown Defense – spin on centerline
Drill: focus mitt holder moves around, either gives signal for combinations, or shoots in and the puncher must defend.
Defenses v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points of contact)

Thai Pads – 2 rounds x 3 minutes, one round in each stance
Gun from the Side, Front of Arm
Play with angles to the side — sometimes regular Gun from the Front, sometimes Gun to the Side, Front of ARm

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