Lesson Plans February 21, 2012

Fighting Stance & Movement
Drill: Follow the leader – challenge experienced students with opposite stance
Palm Heel Strike
Groin Kick
Knees – focus on Muay Thai clinch
Drill: eyes closed; partner gives verbal signal and holds for Palm Strikes OR groin kick OR knees OR makes 360

Focus Mitts!
Hook Punch
Def. v. Hook Punch (extended)
Def. v. Hook Punch (covering)
Bob & weave AND slipping
Combo: Right cross/Left Hook/duck/Left Hook/Right Cross/duck/Right Cross/Left Hook/duck…continue fluidly as long as possible
Combo: Left/Right/Left Hook/duck/Left/Right Cross
Footwork — side step/pivot
Drill: Left/Right/Left Hook/step left/Right Cross
Drill: Left/ Right/step right/Right Cross
Sparring: light, slow work with open hands (hands only)

Sparring drills — slow enough that you do not need pads or shinguards, open hands. Make students work from both stances.
Knife on the Ground – full mount, downward stab
Gun on the Ground – full mount, trap and roll
Drill: eyes closed, open on command, react to gun or knife

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