Testing the Success of Our Certification Courses

As we wrap up the first year of certification courses under the KM Alliance banner, I want to take a moment to assess the past and anticipate the future, primarily to ask: has it been successful?

The answer, so far, has to be a definite "yes." With the exception of one course (which I posted about last year) in which everything, including my own energy levels, conspired to confound the training, the courses have been relatively well-delivered, extremely well-practiced by the participants, and well-reviewed by the school owners. The candidates seem to have learned the material, and gone back to their schools as good instructors. We can't ask for more than that.

The secret of this success has very little to do with me, or with KM Alliance. The program's success has relied on the quality and preparedness of the participants, all of whom come from schools with thriving KM programs -- which means they already have significant experience. Without their readiness and skill, there is no way we could do these courses in 3 days. The burden is on them, and so far they have borne it well.

We're about to get our first big test. Some upcoming courses will include participants with little previous KM experience. The onus is on them to be prepared...but at the same time, their participation is a test of the program's strength. Out of respect for these candidates, I will not be naming names...but I WILL post honest assessments of the program as it is reflected in their performance. If we cannot make them good instructors, we may have to take a hard look at the program. In the open-source spirit in which all this started, I will keep you informed!

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