Testimonial from a Level 1 Cert

Comment received from the Dallas certification


I wanted to thank you again for the training this past weekend in Dallas. Your reputation as a master technician, passionate and definitive Krav Maga Instructor and badass in general was evidenced by this weekend’s training of 34 instructor candidates. I am grateful to have been among them and to have had the benefit of your experience/knowledge for three days.

I walked out of my first Krav Maga introduction 3 years ago saying, “I want this for myself.” I walked out of the small school in Dallas on Sunday (expletives about how sore I was deleted) feeling proud and believe I can and will represent the Krav Maga Alliance brand of Krav Maga well. I like what you are doing. I like the direction you are going with Krav Maga and I think it resonates with many others as well.

In the fall, Jett Garner and I, via a partnership with Jeff Levine/Fit and Fearless, will expand the brand into the Westlake area of Austin, Texas with a new retail location. We are currently operating out of a negotiated space (and we are grateful to our neighbors for their generosity) but despite adding classes, will soon outgrow our current footprint. I am looking forward to further training, becoming more involved as an affiliate with Krav Maga Alliance and growing in the system.

Thanks again, John, for everything. I take this training very seriously and I appreciate what you have built and continue to expand upon. If I can ever assist in any way, please let me know.


Greg Shindler"


Thanks, Greg!  We are glad you found the cert to be worthwhile. You did great!


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