Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Palm Heel Strikes
Front Kick Vertical Target

Drill: Reaction
Padholder begins at various distances from the striker. On the instructor’s cue of “OPEN”, striker opens eyes and sends either FKVT or Palm Heel burst, based on distance.

Front Choke 1-Hand Pluck
Advanced Technique: Ground – Side Choke (Stomping Out)

Final Drill:
Defender begins on ground. Attacker applies side choke. After getting to feet, Defender runs to opposite end of gym to deliver a FKVT + Palm Heel burst. On “RESET” returns to back, eyes closed.

360 w/ Counter

Drill: Line of Attackers
One defender stands in front of a single line of attackers. Attackers approach 1 at a time sending any 360 attack. Defend/Counter (only time for 1 punch), then attacker moves to back of the line.

360 w/ Counter + Burst/Control
Include bursting and wrapping to control the arm after the initial defense/counter.

Wrist Releases (Review)

Drill: Role Reversal
Attacker applies any wrist grab. Defender uses appropriate release, then immediately attacks with a 360. Switch original attacker each round.

Advanced: Gun to the Side, Front of Arm
In addition to the regular defense, eventually allow the attacker to attempt to use a wrist release during the attack. Defender must adjust, burst and try to redirect/control/wrap the gun.

Axe Kick
Lower Body Series: Knee w/o Clinch + FGK + Axe Kick
Face to Face Throw
Ground: Trap, Buck & Roll (Review*)
Ground: Choke while Mounted (Review*)
*For both review techniques, attacker should provide heavy resistance during defense.

Final Drill/Flow: Role Reversal
Defender performs Face-to-Face throw and transitions to mount. Original attacker (now mounted) must fight to get to feet/dominant position. Note: If original defender does not end up in mount after the throw, fight continues from the ground.

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