Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Beginner (A1)

Straight Punches

Round Kick

Introduction to Thai Pads

Round 1: 1-4 Straight Punches only

Round 2: 1K-4K (straight punches, finishing with opposite leg round kick)

Round 3: Puke Round! 30 seconds power punches, 30 seconds 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left, 30 seconds 2 punches and a burpee, 30 seconds speed punches

Choke from the Side

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 Thai pad holder; 1 striker/defender; 1 attacker. Thai pad holder calls for 1K-4K. At any time, Attacker can apply Choke from the Side. Striker/Defender makes defense and returns back to pads.


Intermediate (D1)

Defense v. Hook (covering and extended)

Defense v. Straight Punch Low (quick review from Level 1)

Focus mitts

Round 1: Basic punch combinations

Round 2: Focus mitt holder can make hook with striking surface of the focus mitt any time between combinations and Striker makes defense.

Round 3: Focus mitt holder can also attempt straight punch low with focus mitt. Striker must make defense

Outside Stabbing Defense v. Front Kick

Drill 1: Partners; gloves and shin guards. A can attack B with a hook punch or Straight Punch Low. Switching back and forth, 5 for 5.

Drill 2: Same as Drill 1, but if Attacker can land Straight Punch Low, Defender leans forward and Attacker makes Front Kick. Defender makes Outside Stabbing Defense v. Front Kick. Switch partners as time allows.


Advanced (D1)

Partner and Kick Shield

Scissor Front Kick

Scissor Round Kick

Combative Stations: Multiple Lines of 4 or so depending on numbers (add G&P to a pad if you need to even the group numbers up). One minute at each station, non-stop, as hard and fast as possible. 10 seconds to transition to next pad. After full rotation, pad holders and strikers switch roles.

Round 1 Stations:

-Straight punches


-Scissor Front Kick


Round 2 Stations:

-2 palms to an elbow

-2 round kicks right/2 round kicks left

-Scissor Round Kick

-2 punches to a burpee

Advanced Gun – under the chin, in mouth, grabbing hair, etc.

Drill: Circle of Death: Groups of 4-5. 1 person in center is defender. Attackers can apply any attacks Defender has tested and Advanced Gun – under the chin, in mouth, grabbing hair, etc.

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