Lesson Plans, Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Warmup Drill: A/B
Groups of 2, designate A/B. One pad per group scattered on ground. Instructor cues “A” or “B” indicating the striker. Non-striker finds nearest pad, striker finds pad, goes into all out strike as cued (straights, groin kicks, etc.)

Round House Kick
Drill: Reaction
Striker eyes closed. Padholder cues for RHK first, followed with straight burst, OR cues for straight burst first, steps back and holds for either side RHK.

Elbows 3-5
Drill: Padholder cues for any of the 3 rear elbows. Striker sends, turns and finishes with straight burst.

Rear Choke w/ Push

Final Drill:
Groups of 3. Padholder/Striker work RHK. Attacker can cue with Rear Choke w/ Push or cue for Rear Elbow + Straight burst.

Ground – Back Fallbreak, High
Ground – Forward Roll
Ground – Forward Roll + Back Fall Break
Ground – Choke Full Mount
Ground – Headlock Full Mount

Final Drill: Attacker pushes defender, performing Front Roll/Fall Break. Attacker chases, mounts and applies Choke/Headlock.

Warmup Drill: Advancing Strike Review
Striker eyes closed, neutral stance. Padholder can cue with a pad tap, knocking striker a few steps back, or verbal cue. Either way striker begins a distance from pad and must advance in with punches or kicks, depending on pad hold.

Handgun Defense – Two Hand Redirect
Advanced Gun – Under chin, in mouth, grabbing hair, etc.
Advanced Gun – From kneeling.

Final Drill:
Attacker applies gun attack or commands to get into kneeling position. Defend as necessary. If enough students are available, rotate groups to wonder and attempt to attack defender after defense, helping test continued awareness.

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