Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Beginner (A1)

Straight Punches


Round Kick

Drill: Partner AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible): 20 straight punches, 10 knees, 5 round kicks right and 5 round kicks left, 3 burpees. Switch for as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes.

Choke from Behind

Drill: A/B Drill


Intermediate (D1)

Thai Pads

Round 1: Pad holder calls for combinations 1K-4K

Round 2: Striker adds lead hook/cross or cross/lead hook at the end of combo, i.e. 1K=Jab/Rear round kick/lead hook/cross, 2K=Jab/cross/lead round kick/cross/lead hook

Round 3: Add opposite kick to the combination from Round 2, i.e. 1K=Jab/Rear round kick/lead hook/cross/lead round kick, 2K=Jab/cross/lead round kick/cross/lead hook/rear round kick

Choke from the Front Against a Wall

Choke from Behind with a Pull

Drill: Partner groups; A stands two steps from wall with eyes closed. B turns A in circle, mixing up clockwise and counter-clockwise so as to create confusion. B can stop A at any time and apply Choke from the Front Against a Wall or Choke from Behind with a Pull or Choke from the Front with a Push (if A does not have back to wall when stopped). As soon as choke is applied, A opens eyes and makes appropriate defense.


Advanced (D1)

Dutch style combos; Thai pads and shin guards (Striker should place low kicks on leg for appropriate targeting, but significantly decrease level of power we would use on pads. Holder/low kick receiver should absorb v. Low round kick to lessen impact.)

Combo 1: Cross/lead body shot/overhand right/lead hook to the head/low round kick

Combo 2: Lead switch kick/cross/lead hook/rear low round kick

Combo 3: Lead uppercut/cross to the body/lead hook to the head/cross/lead low round kick

Combo 4: Jab/cross/lead body shot/rear knee

Stick, Horizontal Swing

Advanced Gun—under chin, in mouth, grabbing hair, etc

Drill: Groups of 3-4. Monkey in the Middle for Stick, Horizontal Swing or Advanced Gun—under chin, in mouth, grabbing hair, etc. and all lower level attacks.

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