Lesson Plans Wednesday October 12, 2016


  • Elbows 4-7
  • DRILL:
    • Groups of 2: Striker and Padholder.
    • Padholder moves around cueing Striker for any Elbow, emphasizing Elbow 4-7
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • DRILL:
    • Groups of 2: Striker and Padholder.
    • Padholder cues for 1-3 RHK, cueing with pad for appropriate side.
  • Choke Rear w/ Push
    • Roaming Attackers apply Rear Choke w/ Push.
    • Throughout drill instructor should position an object to be the “exit.”
    • After defending, Defenders must scan, find and run to the object before resetting.



  • Ground – Fall Break High
  • Ground – Trap, Buck & Roll
  • Ground – Elbow Escape
  • DRILL: Role Reversal/Roaming Attacker
    • Defenders begin spread out around room, neutral, eyes closed.
    • Roaming Attackers grab shoulders and pull Defender onto back.
    • Defender should perform Fall Break and Attacker Mounts.
    • Defender attempts to gain dominant position.
    • Upon doing so, the Defender runs to designated point in room to perform assigned exercise.
    • Meanwhile person who was just defended against lays on back, eyes closed.
    • After completing exercise, student should roam and mount/attack any person on back.
  • Choke Rear w/ Pull
    • Same as above.
    • However, roaming Attackers apply Rear Choke w/ Pull attempting to pull Defender onto back.
    • Defender should either perform Choke Defense or Fall Break depending on success of Attacker.
    • If taken to ground, Attacker should mount.
    • Regardless of defense, ATTACKER should then setup as a Defender, Defender runs to for exercise, then becomes an Attacker.



  • 2 Jumping Front Kicks
  • Ground – Leg Triangle from Guard
  • Ground – Guillotine
  • Ground – Guillotine Defense

*For all Ground techniques, increase intensity/resistance of Attacker.

    • Groups of 2: Padholder and Striker.
    • Striker begins by sending 2 Jumping Front Kicks “knocking” Padholder onto back (and throwing pad away).
    • Striker dives into guard attempting to send strikes.
    • Person on back should attempt to apply Triangle or Guillotine.
    • If Guillotine is applied, person on top should apply defense.
    • Rotate starting roles each round.


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