Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DRILL: Knee/Clinch Review
Striker stands eyes closed, neutral. Padholder holds pad across chest and walks through (keeps walking) striker from any direction. Striker must open eyes, orient, and clinch to regain control, then send multiple knees. Padholder cues to reset.

Round Knee
Hammerfist to the Side
Padholder cues for Side HF. Striker sends turns, sends burst of punches, working into close range to finish with Round Knee. Reset.

Front Choke w/ Push

Hook & Uppercut Review
Hook Defense Covering & Extended
DRILL: Bas #3
Striker uses partner’s gloves as focus mitts. However the Hook is sent to the partner’s head, requiring either Hook defense.

Uppercut Defense
DRILL: Bas#3/4-ish
Same as above but striker can send Hook OR Uppercut to partner after 1/2 combo.

Reverse Headlock Standing

Sweep with Heel Kick
Cavaliers 1-4
Knife Defense Kick from Distance
Knife Defense vs. Downward Stab**
**Explore incorporating Cavalier into Knife Defense AFTER loosening up.
**Explore incorporating Sweep into Knife Defense, careful to control the knife.
FINAL DRILL: Knife Swipe
Grps of 2. Each will need a knife and something to set the knife across, two cones, water bottles work well, but can even use two pads. Set knife between partners. Both partners should be within an arms reach of the knife. Each squats down and places their forearms against their thighs. On GO! each attempts to grab the knife. Whoever gets it immediately attempts to stab the other, who must defend.

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