Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Straight Punches


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder pushes with pad. Striker recovers and sends Straight Punch burst until Padholder cues to reset.

Elbows 1-3


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholder cues for an Elbow 1-3. Striker sends appropriate Elbow, orients for Straight Punch burst until Padholder cues to reset.

Choke Front – 2 Hand Pluck


Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam cueing for Elbow/Straight Burst or Choke Front 2 Hand Pluck. Reset after burst or defense.



Basic Takedown Defense (Spinning on Centerline)

Inside Slap Kick

Outside Slap Kick


Groups of 2, A/B. (A) stands pointing gun at (B). (B) performs Inside or Outside Slap Kick knocking gun out of (A’s) hand (No, this is not likely realistic, but have fun with it). After kicking gun away, (A) attempts takedown, (B) defends. Switch roles each round.

Advanced – Gun Front 2 Hand


Groups of 2, A/B, guns scattered on ground. All students walk randomly around room. Instructor cues “A/B” indicating the ATTACKER. Cue letter finds a gun, then partner for attack/defense.



Chops Inside/Outside

Sweep w/ Forward Kick


Groups of 2, Attacker, Defender. Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attacker Sweeps Defender to ground. Defender gets up ASAP and Attacker sends 360 attack. Reset after defense.

Knife Stab – Downward

Knife Stab – Downward (Left handed Attack)


Same setup as above but knives are scattered on ground. Attacker still sweeps Defender but must find a knife and return to attack. Defender has until Attacker returns to get to feet and prepare for the Knife Defense.

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