Lesson Plans Wednesday May 15th

To focus mitts:
L/R combo, R Knee, R elbow – build the combo slowly emphasizing how to correctly hold/hit the focus mitts.
Do a round in normal stance, then switch stances – R/L Combo, L knee, L elbow.
360 defense
Drill: with focus mitts attacker makes strong attacks high or low right or left side.
360 defense with counter attack
Knife – downward stab
Drill: grps of 3
1 person holds the focus mitts for the combo (on the regular fighting stance side), defender does the combo, 3rd person is the knife attacker. When defender is attacked with the knife they must defend.

Thai pad work
emphasize R Uppercut, L Hook, R straight (#8)
L Uppercut, R straight, L Hook (#9)
Headlock from the side
Reverse headlock standing

Thai Pad work – 3 rounds in a row, with a run in between each round
gun from the side, in front of the arm
gun from the front, pushing into the stomach

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