Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Elbows 1-3
DRILL: Circle of Doom
Defender surrounded by potential attackers and slowly spins. At will, a takedown attempt comes through. Defender reacts with defense.
Basic Takedown Defense
Knees w/ Clinch
DRILL: Roaming Attackers
Defenders scattered, neutral, eyes closed. Attackers with KS, cues with a pad tap. Defender opens eyes, gains balance. Attacker chargers in. Defender defends “takedown” and counters with knees.

Choke from Behind

Hook Punch
Bas Combos 1-4
Defense Front Kick
DRILL: Grps of 3.
Striker works Bas combos on focus mitts. Second pad holder approaches from either side for DFK.
Ground Kick Off From Guard
Ground Guard Reversal

Final Drill: Attacker attempts to stay in guard/keep chest to chest. Defender attempts to either kick off or scissor sweep, then fights to feet and runs to designated “exit”. Meanwhile attacker lies on the ground and prepares to be attacked.

Stick Defense Review: Overhead and Baseball one for one.
Drill: Grp of 3
All out strikes punches to tombstone. Attacker cues and sends either stick defense.

Knife Defense Review: Downward, Upward, Straight Stab, one for one.
Drill: Grp of 3
All out strikes front groin kicks to tombstone. Attacker cues and sends any knife attack

2 Opponents – Knife and Stick

Final Drill: Grps of 3.
Defender must run to some spot in the room, close eyes and perform assigned exercise (mix it up each time). During exercise, attackers, 1 knife/1 stick position. Attacker cues to OPEN! Defender reacts appropriately.

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