Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Beginner (A3)

Punches-Left/Right combination

Front Kick (groin)


Drill: Shared Tabata Round: 1 curved kick shield. Partner A strikes for the first 20 seconds with maximum effort, switch pad during 10 second rest, then Partner B performs same strikes to pad, in the following order: left right combination, front kick (groin), knees, sprawl to a knee.

Basic Takedown Defense (changing height, moving feet)

Drill: A holds for B for Left/Right combination. At any time A can call “TAKEDOWN” and attempt to put shoulder to B’s upper torso. B perform Basic Takedown Defense followed up by 2 knees.

Choke from the Front; 2 Handed Pluck

Drill: Non-compliant attacker. Class split into A’s and B’s. A’s stand with eyes closed in neutral position. B’s can attack by tapping with pad for non-stop Left/Right Combination. During flurry, B can call “TAKEDOWN” and A performs Basic Takedown Defense. B can also attack with Choke from the Front; 2 Handed Pluck and may or may not follow up with a showing takedown attempt.

Intermediate (A3)

Uppercut Punch

Drill: Focus mitts: Free work on all known combinations, 1-4 or 1-10.

Drill: On combinations 2-10 have students add call of “UP” for Striker to replace last punch in combo with an uppercut, i.e. “6UP” = Cross/Lead Hook/Rear Uppercut, “9UP” = Lead Uppercut/Cross/Lead Uppercut

Advanced Preview: Knife; Upward Thrust

Drill: A/B Drill. Encourage attackers to make a realistic recoil from stab to ensure defenders bursting in far enough for control position. Attackers can increase speed of attack and attempt multiple stabs as round continues.

Advanced (A3)

General Def. v. Medium to High Kicks

Focus mitts and shin guards

Drill: Free work on focus mitts

Drill: Free work on focus mitts with mitt holder throwing a Medium to High Kick at any time. Striker makes General defense v. Medium to High Kicks

Stick – overhead defense

Stick – baseball bat defense

Stick – dead side

Drill: Groups of 4-5. One person in center defending any Stick Overhead, Baseball Bat, or Dead Side. Attackers can also choose to make a Medium to High Kick for General Defense.

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