Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Knees w/ Clinch:
-Practice clinch and moving partner forward, backward and 90 degree turn.
-Single, double and triple knees on instructors “GO!” cue.

DRILL: All Run
Half of students are runners/strikers, other half with kick shields. On “RUN!” runners run randomly through gym, switching direction often. Padholders can get in front, requiring clinch and designated number of knees.

Straight Punches:
Build to bursts, on instructor’s “GO!” cue, perform 90 degree step and pivot off of pad.

Rear Headlock:

Final Drill:
Similar as above drill, but strikers walk randomly around gym. Padholders can stop for knees or punches, depending on how pad is held. Attackers can apply Rear Headlock, preferably while defender is striking.

Advancing Straight Punch
Hammerfist Down
Bearhug Front : Leverage on Neck

Final Drill:
Roaming attacker. Cue for AStP or BHF:Leverage

Machine Gun Takedown
Ground – Rear Choke Defense
Ground – Rear Headlock Defense

A: Applies machine gun to rear.
B: Defends with Takedown and attempts to apply Rear Headlock.
A: Attempts to defend Rear Headlock, either plucking, tucking and rolling, or rolling onto back for regular defense.

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