Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Elbows 1-3
Knees (Regular and Round)
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder cues for elbow 1-3. Striker opens and sends 1-2 appropriate elbows, turns to finish with 2-3 knees and reset.

Advanced – Gun from Behind, Touching

Grps 2. Defender/Striker, Padholder/Attacker. Same setup as above. Padholder/Attacker can cue for elbow/knee combo or gun defense.

INTERMEDIATE (A3) Hook Punch Uppercut Punch COMBOS:

Bas 1-4 (4 w/ uppercut), and/or padholder creates.
Designate line for each to keep forward foot on or at least small area to stay in for round. 10-15s rounds.

Bearhug Front Arms Free (Neck Leverage) Ground – Kick Off from Guard

Grps 2. A/B. Designate one to attack with Bearhug. After taking to the ground, defender attempts to mount. Attacker can use legs to keep defender from mounting/kicking off. Reset. __________

Stick – Overhead Swing
Stick – Dead Side
Stick – Baseball Bat Defense
+ Off/Awkward angle swings (Slow work having partner attack from various directions)

Roaming/Roll Reversal. Defenders setup around gym, neutral, eyes closed. Attackers with sticks roam and cue defender from any angle for any stick attack. After defense, defender takes stick and roams to attack. Attacker sets up, becoming a defender.

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