Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Left/Right Combination
Front Kick to the groin – emphasize forward leg
Combination: Left/Right/Left Front Kick
Basic Takedown Defense (changing height, moving feet)
360 Defense – include some basic counterattacks
Drill: attacker makes 360 attack; defender makes 360 defense; after the defense, the attacker should either continue forward and try to grab the defender OR back away slightly; the defender uses Basic Takedown Defense or make counterattacks as appropriate.

Inside Defense (review)
Hook Punch Defense (extended)
Sparring: slow speed, defending straights and hook punches
Defense v. Front Kick (redirecting)
Defense v. Front Kick (stopping)
Sparring, slow speed; include straights, hooks, and front kicks

Overhand Right Punch
Focus Mitts: Left/Left Uppercut/Overhand Right
Outside Defense #4
Drill: light training; cover and move against multiple straight punches and hook punches. When the opportunity occurs, burst in with Outside Defense #4.
Stick – Overhead Swing
Drill: eyes closed, random self defense OR verbal signal followed by 360 OR verbal signal followed by Stick

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