Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Front Groin Kick

Knee w/ Clinch


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker stands in front of Padholder at one end of the room. Instructor yells out a number to start the round, indicating the number of straight punches to be thrown. After yelling out, Striker sends a Front Groin Kick + Clinch/2 Knees + # Straight Punches. Striker runs to opposite end of the room and back for next round.

Front Choke 2-Hand Pluck


Same as above, however, after returning from run, Striker sets up neutral, eyes closed. Partner attacks with Front Choke. After defense, another running lap and reset.


Hook Punch/Bas Combo 3

Defensive Front Kick


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker sends Bas 3 (Use TS for strikes) then creates distance with Defensive Front Kick. Padholder can cue “BURST!” for straight punches until cued to “RESET”.

Advanced – Knife Stab Upward


Groups of 2 + Roaming Attackers. Groups of 2 work the combo above. Roaming Attackers give verbal cue to get Strikers’ attention then attack with Knife.




Groups of 2, designate A/B. On “RUN!” all students run randomly around room. Instructor cues “A” or “B” indicating the Attacker. Upon cue, the Attacker scans room, finds partner, and attacks with 360. Partner defends, counters and finishes. Both return to run.

Stick-Overhead Defense

Knife-Overhead Defense


Same as above, but with knives and sticks scattered on the floor. Upon cue, Attacker grabs knife or stick and attacks partner. Defend and reset into run.

2 Opponents Knife & Stick


Groups of 3, one Defender, one with knife, one with stick. On “RUN!” all jog around room. On “ATTACK!” knife and stick find Defender. After defense, change Defender and reset.

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