Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Knees w/ Clinch

Hammerfist Side


Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker neutral/eyes closed. Padholder cues for either HF Side. Striker opens, sends, orients and finishes with Knees until Pad cues to “RESET!”

Choke Side


Same as above, but partner has option of cueing with pad or attacking with Choke Side.



Outside Defenses (1-5)

SPARRING – Trigger

Grps 2. A/B. Determine who will send trigger. Defender will begin with hands lower than fighting stancy. Attacker will send straight punch to begin round. Defender will attempt to defend, but regardless free sparring. 20 second rounds. Switch roles each round.

Choke Front Against Wall


Grps 2. Defender/Attacker

Rnd 1: Regular attack/defense

Rnd 2: Explore using Outside defense to intercept the choke.

SAFETY NOTE: Have attacker switch attacker to aim for lower chest or shoulders to avoid slamming choke on.

Choke Rear Against Wall


Grps 2. Defender slowly circles in front of wall, eyes open. Attacker can decide to apply either Choke. If Front, Defender can attempt to intercept choke.



Axe Kick

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

DRILL: Hollywood

Grps 2, Attacker (glove on), Defender. Attacker holds weapon out in gloved hand. Defender performs spinning kick to slap it out of hand and get to exit. Instructor should designate an item to serve as the “exit,” moving it during the exercise to test awareness.

Hip Throw

Headlock Side, Spinning Inward


Roaming Attackers. Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attackers apply Headlock Spinning Inward. After defense, Defender attempts to mount/keep Attacker from gaining dominant position/getting to feet. If Attacker regains dominance/feet, s/he moves on to victim, while Defender resets for another attack.

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