Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Palm Heel Strikes

DRILL: Krav Maga Suicide 1

Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder, both at one end of the gym. Striker begins sending all out Palm Heel strikes. On instructor’s “GO!”, Striker turns, runs to whatever “line” instructor is standing on and sprints back to resume striking. Repeat for several runs, instructor changing “line” each time.

Round Kick

DRILL: Krav Maga Suicide 2

Same as above, but as Strikers are returning to pad, instructor can cue for Palm Heels or Round Kick for next round.

Choke Front – 1 Hand


Groups of 2, Defender/Striker, Attacker/Padholder. Instructor cues for either Palm Heel or Round Kick burst. On “ATTACK!” Striker sets up neutral/eyes closed for Choke attack. After defense, Striker returns to pad with cued combative.



Back Kick

DRILL1: Strike Line

Padholders line up with space in between. Strikers begin in front of their partners. Striker sends a striker to pad and shuffles to the right aligning to next pad before kicking.

DRILL2: Strike/Finish

Strikers scattered, neutral/eyes closed. Padholders give verbal cue. Striker looks, sends Back Kick and orients to finish with burst of Punches/Palm Heels/Hammerfists. Reset on Padholder cue.

Hair Grab Behind


Same as above, but Roamer can cue for Back Kick or Hair Grab.

Rear Choke w/ Pull


Same as above, but Roamer can cue for Back Kick, Hair Grab, or Choke Rear w/ Pull.

NOTE: With both Hair and Choke pulls, build technique to the point where the attacker is pulling back AND down as if trying to pull the defender to the ground, to add intensity and test defense.




-Round 1: Follow the leader.

-Round 2: Shoulder tap

-Round 3: Alternating 360/Burst/Finish

-Round 4: Alternating Shoot in/Defend

-Round 5: Alternating 360 OR Shoot in

Stick – Baseball Swing Defense

Long Gun Behind – Touching Live Side

Long Gun Behind – Touching Dead Side


Groups of 3, Defender, Padholder, Attacker. Defender sends all out strikes to pad. Attacker gives verbal/tactile cue for Baseball Swing OR Long Gun Behind. Defend and return to striking.

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