Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Palm Heel Strikes
Knees w/ Clinch
Wrist Releases
Wrist Pull Defense (Burst/Strike)
-Build to work pulls from various angles.
-Can incorporate Clinch/Knee into counters
Roaming attacker. Can cue for all out Palm Heels or pull wrist.

Side Kick (w/ & w/o advance)
Combo: Adv Side Kick + Side Hammerfist
All out punch/palm heel. Pad approaches from side. Striker sends Side Kick/HF combo, into strikes on new pad. Original Padholder can roam or approach same striker.
Advancing Front Kick (Fighting Stance)
Rear Choke w/ Pull
FINAL DRILL: Standing Bull in Ring
Groups of 3-5. Padholder holds for all out punches. On cue, partner to Left/Right of striker (or alternating approaches) cues for Side Kick. Strike and return to original pad. Attacker can Choke w/ Pull.

Sparring Rounds:
3x10s, 20s, 30s (Switch partners after 30s Rnd)
Face to Face Throw
Ground: Trap, Buck & Roll
Ground: Head & Arm Triangle
FLOW: F2F Throw, Roll Into Mount…T/B/R…Top Punches/Bottom applies Triangle
Mounted: 10s, 20s, 30s (each person begins in mount and mounted for each timeframe)


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