Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Basic Takedown Defense

Groups of 2, Padholder with focus mitts. Padholder cues for number of Left/Right straight punches. Striker sends. Padholder can shoot in for sloppy takedown.

360 Defenses

Same drill as above, but padholder can add 360 attack.

Side Choke

Final Drill:
Same drill as above but 3rd/roaming attacker can apply either side Side Choke. Defend and continue with drill.

Warmup Drill: Kick & Roll
Setup a pad line holding for front groin kicks. Strikers position in front of pad. On “GO!” all out front groin kicks. On “LEFT” or “RIGHT” strikers sprawl, roll to the appropriate pad and begin kicking again.

Front Kick w/ Advance (fighting and neutral)
Defense vs. Front Kick (redirect)
Defense vs. Front Kick (stopping)

Defender stands eyes closed in fighting stance. Attacker gives verbal cue and sends a Front Groin Kick while holding tombstone pad. Defender defends kick appropriately and sends counters to pad. Attacker may also may cue and hold for an advancing front kick from the defender.

Bearhug Front – Arms Free (Leverage on the Neck)

Final Drill:
Add Bearhug Front option to the above drill.

Warmup Review:
Forward, Backward Rolls, Forward Roll to Back Fall Break

Technique Review Drill:
1 Defender/1 Padholder.
Padholder moves around defender and cues for any elbow strike. Defender sends, turns and sends combative burst. Build to 2 then 3 elbows per cue (Elbows 1-4 only, 5-7 still only 1).

Full Nelson – Finger Strip
One Arm Shoulder Throw
Sweep w/ Front Kick
Full Nelson – Sweep

Final Drill:
Groups of 3. Striker sends all out straight punches. Attacker applies any attack (based on level) with bias toward Full Nelson. Defend appropriately and return to striking.

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