Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Ground – Back Position/Movement

Ground – Getup

Ground – Front Kick


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker in back position. Padholder moves around, Striker follows accordingly. When Padholder approaches, Striker sends 1-2 Front Kicks and gets to feet, running to new spot and going to back. Padholder chases and resumes circling in new position.

Ground – Round Kick


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Strikers begin in back position, eyes closed. Padholders roam, setting up for either side Round Kick then giving verbal cue. Striker opens eyes, sends appropriate Round Kick, gets to feet, runs to new spot and resets on back, eyes closed.

DRILL – FINAL: Bull in Ring

Groups of 4-5, Striker, Pad1, Pad2, Pad3, Focus Mitts Holder (optional). Striker in back position. Pad 1 in front, Pad2 and Pad3 on sides, Focus Mitts behind. Pads give verbal cue, Striker sends appropriate kick. Focus Mitts swat at Striker’s head, if included. Continue for time. On instructor’s “UP!” cue, Striker gets to feet appropriately.



Uppercut Punch

Uppercut Punch Defense


Groups of 2. Alternate between Attacker/Defender, sending Uppercut and defending.

Defense v. High Front Kick (redirecting)


Same as above, but Attacker can send Uppercut or High Front Kick for defense.

Knife – Straight Stab

Same as above, but replace Uppercut attack with Straight Stab (both begin with knife in hand). On cue, find new partner.



Gun Front 2 Handed Technique


Groups of 3, Defender, Padholder, Attacker. Defender sends all out strikes to Pad. Attacker approaches from either side of Pad and points gun. Defend and return to striking.

Advanced Gun Front – Kneeling Position


Defenders neutral/eyes closed. Attackers give verbal cue. If close enough, Defender should use 2 Hand defense. If too far away, Attacker will order to knees and approach. Once close enough, defend using Kneeling defense.

Advanced Gun Front – Mounted


Defenders eyes closed, transition between standing, kneeling and laying on back. Attackers roam giving verbal/tactile cue. Defend from position appropriately and return to transitioning eyes closed.

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