Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Beginner (B1)
Left/Right Combination
Front Kick to a Vertical Target
Drill: Partners; Curved Kick Shield. Distance recognition. Pad holder can hold at close, medium, or long range. Striker makes appropriate combative depending on distance.
Drill: Find your partner: Partners begin with distance recognition from previous drill. At any time, Instructor calls “DOWN!” and Striker does a push-up while Pad holder runs to a different spot on the mat. Striker must find Pad holder, sprint to them, and make nonstop straight punches until Instructor calls “TIME,” at which point students go back to Distance Recognition.
Choke from the Behind
Final Drill: 1 curved kick shield holder; 1 attacker; 1 defender/striker. Pad holder holds for Distance Recognition. Attacker can apply Choke from Behind at any time. Defender/striker makes defense and immediately returns to pad.

Intermediate (C1)
Thai Pads
Round 1: Everything is a power shot! Combination 1: lead hook/lead hook/rear kick/rear kick.
Combination 2: cross/cross/lead kick/lead kick.
Round 2: Pad holder can call for any combination with a round kick (1K-4K or 1K-10K depending on their familiarity), followed by a cross. Emphasize students returning to a good stance after the kick in order to hit a powerful cross.
Round 3: After all combinations ending in a rear kick, add a lead hook/cross (i.e. 1K= Jab/rear kick/lead hook/cross). All combinations ending in a lead kick, add a cross/lead hook (i.e. 2K= jab/cross/lead kick/cross/lead hook).
Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free
Bearhug from the Front, Leverage on the Neck
Drill: A/B Drill

Advanced (C1)
Thai Pads
Round 1: 1 Knee-10 Knee followed by opposite elbow. (1 Knee=Jab/rear knee/left elbow)
Round 2: Add calls with kicks.
Round 3: Add 1K High-10K High (round kick is to the head).
Advanced Gun—from Behind, Attacker Close (hugging defense)
Knife—Forward Slash
Drill: Circle of Death: Groups of 4-5. 1 defender, everyone else is an attacker. Attackers can apply Advanced Gun—from Behind, Attacker Close (hugging defense) or Knife—Forward Slash or any attack from Levels 1-3.

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